Extension of Self

“I’ve been saving for my dream home for twenty years,” elucidates Daniel Boey. Renowned for constantly recalibrating the local fashion industry, the creative iconoclast’s dwelling harbours very personal infusions, accompanied by vibrantly eclectic flavours. For such a detail-oriented public figure, it was blissful happenstance that Daniel found himself acquainted with like-minded teams in prominent local architecture firm Tan Lee Chiat Architects (TLCA) and Goodrich Gallery.

A Dog-friendly House for a Disabled Pet German Shepard

Stylish and functional, this dog-friendly house in Beijing is largely designed around the medical needs of a pet German Shepard. A dog is indeed a man’s best friend in this project by Beijing-based Atelier About Architecture. The doting pet parent envisioned a colorful world inside the dog-friendly house where his dog can happily live and play.

Molly Club – Dance and dine in living colour

Located in the heart of the city’s cultural district in Wuhan, China, Molly club commands a futuristic vibe. While the entire street is full of bright advertising light boxes, Molly Club is a discreet presence with only a back-lit and inconspicuous signage beside its entrance, in this lively street.