Molly Club - Dance And Dine In Living Colour

Located in the heart of the city’s cultural district in Wuhan, China, Molly club commands a futuristic vibe. While the entire street is full of bright advertising light boxes, Molly Club is a discreet presence with only a back-lit and inconspicuous signage beside its entrance.

Designed and built by lead designer Yang Rui of J.H Architecture, the highly cinematographic restaurant, bar and club which at 300 square meters, is colorfully lit featuring geometric shapes for a festive atmosphere.

The future is Molly

The club’s entrance is recessed not only to make the connection between indoor and outdoor, but also to accommodate a shelter from rain. Bi-folding doors with concentric windows can be fully opened for passers-by to experience the club’s neon lights and music inside.

Visual contrasts in the bar are aplenty while soft touches are applied as contrast to the building’s boxy structure.

Throughout the club, curvy arches mimic the vaulted ceilings of vernacular cathedrals and monasteries. The designer adopts mostly red lighting, geometric configurations  and potted greenery.

Tunnels, arches and mirrors offer experiential escapades

The club also features some interesting scenes. For example, the narrow staircase is built to resemble a canyon, where guests passing each other shoulder-to-shoulder have an unforgettable exploratory experience. A hanging ball at the top of the stairs makes walking up and down feel like a stroll in a valley at sunset.

To meet a variety of customers’ requirements, the VIP area is located on a mezzanine, where customers enjoy a commanding view of the club.

Private rooms are situated upstairs with individual DJ system. In the afternoon, these rooms are used as a catering area under warm yellow lights. The same area is transformed into a cozy and exclusive bar  bathed in red light in the evenings.

Photography by Chen Ming


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