Kimpton Saint George Hotel - artisanal and quaint

The 10-storey high hand-painted mural of an owl outside Toronto’s Kimpton Saint George Hotel is hardly inconspicuous but a cheeky prelude to what is inside the building.

Experience Toronto's rustic surrounding indoors

Local firm Mason Studio commissioned well-known street artist BirdO to create the surreal geometric bird that continues the narrative of the interior experience to the exterior. Located in the heart of Annex neighbourhood, Kimpton Saint George Hotel local captures the essence of its heritage homes, with sculptural furnishings and locally sourced art.

The 14-story 188-room hotel integrates elements of Toronto’s culture and personality, giving guests a distinct sense of place and the experience of being a guest in their own well-appointed apartment.

Inside, the colour palette is meant to mimic Canadian nature with a mixture of blues, greens, greys, browns and rusts – practically every shade of a quintessentially Canadian Group of Seven landscape painting.

Upon entry, the reception area features a marble desk framed with wooden arches, backdropped by a hand painted mural of a misty Toronto-inspired scene. Adjacent to reception is a guest lounge, designed to feel like a living room. The space is a collection of bespoke furniture, artwork, lighting and objects, crafted by artisans that continue to tell the story of local culture and design. 

Arches are used throughout the hotel to visually guide guests throughout the space while paying homage to Toronto’s diverse architectural style and eras.

Furniture are bespoke with a mid-century twist

A 400-square-foot lounge situated on the main floor, just outside the meeting room is realised in darker, more saturated tones to convey a feeling of intimacy. A custom bar and beverage area offer the opportunity for guests to relax before entering the meeting room. The adjacent 1,100-square-foot meeting space, the Peregrine Room, is by contrast bright and spacious. The change in mood between the lounge and the meeting room reinforce the concept of distinct neighbourhoods within the city.

On the guestroom levels, a collection of original, small vintage black-and-white photographs from a couple’s vacation to Toronto appear at each guest entry. These images tell an intimate story of early post-war vacationers discovering the city.

The suites are a continuation of the nostalgic nod to the layered heritage of the neighbourhood. The rooms are designed with a residential approach by housing a collection of art and custom designed furniture and lighting that is seemingly collected over time. Every element in the suites is carefully curated and designed to provide guests with a unique boutique hotel experience.

Photography by Naomi Finlay


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