Industrial style apartment: chic in concrete

Living in a dense city like Mexico, requires one to have the aptitude of clear thinking when planning for safe, healthy and vibrant spaces. The team at Arqmov Workshop are tasked with the challenge of creating Yuno apartments, a high-rise residential building consisting of eight levels, including a ground floor entryway housing seven apartment units. Sitting on an area of 92 square metres, the land had an irregular trapezoidal shape that further complicates the project design.

All White Interior Design: Shadow Box residence bleached out space nails the look

Minimal and boxy in presence, this three-storey residence stuck out amidst its placid suburban surrounding with its all white interior design concept. The other peculiarity is, the house has only a single horizontal strip window to the outside. Canadian-based Architect Johnson Chou envisioned the all white house as an instrument for the appreciation of the profound ephemerality of time. Its all-white interior is the perfect canvas to capture shadows on the walls and floor, as light passes through the narrow window throughout the day.

Statement Walls – A Show & Tell Story At Home

Near the top of celebrity hair stylist, Addy Lee’s wish list for his Sentosa Cove apartment is a cosy and bright respite brimming with positive energy. And space for his prized collection of limited edition sneakers. That was a tall order. The founder and chairman of the Monsoon Group Holdings has a bursting-at-the-seams collection of clothes, shoes and designer bags.

Inside Socialite Jamie Chua’s House

Arguably the ultimate socialite-entrepreneur, Jamie Chua’s home is a reflection of her lifestyle- glamourous and classy, yet laid-back. With a reputation for hosting parties, meeting people and jet-setting the globe to attend the finest fashion meets, the inspiration behind her home is that of Hollywood glamour, with strong cosmopolitan vibes.

Extension of Self

“I’ve been saving for my dream home for twenty years,” elucidates Daniel Boey. Renowned for constantly recalibrating the local fashion industry, the creative iconoclast’s dwelling harbours very personal infusions, accompanied by vibrantly eclectic flavours. For such a detail-oriented public figure, it was blissful happenstance that Daniel found himself acquainted with like-minded teams in prominent local architecture firm Tan Lee Chiat Architects (TLCA) and Goodrich Gallery.

Garden House In The City – Integrating the park inside

The global lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many rediscovering and embracing the comforts of home. Inspired by the notion of bringing nature back to urban living, Christos Pavlou Architecture envisioned a two-story residence in Nicosia, Cyprus filled with pockets of green open spaces in the effort to improve living conditions and maintain urban biodiversity by encouraging the return of local bird species and bees.

A Contemporary Apartment Magnified With Clever Use of Mirrors

In the local context, the housing of tomorrow is getting smaller. The challenge is to leverage on the modular system of building in residential design, challenge conventional wisdom and ride on emergent trends in technology as design and implementation enablers. A unit in Waterway Point Condominium has been given an uplift by Elements ID Consultants, headed by Victor Ng.

This Contemporary House Features A Luxurious Home Theatre

The owners of this three-storied house situated in the Serangoon Gardens vicinity love to entertain, and wanted a personal sanctuary that is also welcoming for guests. As avid hosts, the couple’s entertaining style is relaxed, with emphasis on comfort over formality. The design team at The Collective Designs was roped in to articulate their dream family home to two teenagers, their grandparents and a domestic helper.

Resort Style House for Nature Lovers

It is often said that a great project needs a truly great client. This three-storey residential tucked in the leafy hills at Bukit Timah is a case in point. The space commissioned to Metaphor Studio is home to a professional athlete, his wife who is a horse trainer and three children. All the couple wanted was a home that meets their needs with a resort-like ambience so five people can comfortably inhabit the space without stepping on each other.

There is Nothing Barn like About This Farm House

There is nothing barn like about this farm house. Resting on a rolling field, this modern rural country home outside Toronto, a project by Trevor McIvor Architect, was inspired by the stone walls that were used to separate farmer’s fields. Stouffville Residence which spans over 465 square meters, is grounded in the earth while being cantilevered over a vast landscape.