A Contemporary Apartment Magnified With Clever Use of Mirrors

Contemporary apartments are popular for a reason. The design is effortlessly chic and fuss-free which bodes well for many.

A unit in Waterway Point Condominium was given an uplift by Elements ID Consultants, headed by Victor Ng. Ng is no stranger in the design industry having transformed spaces big and small in the last two decades. He is known for creating classically elegant interiors filled with rich fabrics, soft colors and timeless silhouettes.

Upon reflection

Yet when the task at hand was crafting a contemporary apartment that embodies a modernist aesthetic which is visually spacious despite its limited floor space, Ng jumped at the opportunity.

When entering the newly renovated unit, visitors are greeted by an open plan living room that connects to a balcony on one side, a kitchen and cosy dining spot. The apartment’s two bedrooms lie on opposite sides.

Ng, who has earned a stellar reputation with his clever use of mirrors in interiors, placed an abundance of the reflective surfaces throughout the apartment for top form and functions. Some are very narrow horizontal tinted panes while others wide and vertical, leaving nearly all walls in the open plan living space covered in the reflective material.

Clearly, the mirrors aid in transitioning the dining-living room to the kitchen. The reflective façade continues inside through custom joinery, such as in the dining corner which also functions as a door into a guest bedroom.

Layer white and neutral walls and floor for a bright and spacious space

While lightness and brightness are enhanced even further in the interior through a significant recess and a double height hallway creating the feeling of endless space. Neutral interior details include cabinetry in the kitchen and white walls, white tiles and light terrazzo flooring in the open living spaces. These spaces were considered just as reflective and special interludes to the bedrooms.

Situated in the back of the contemporary apartment, the master bedroom is oasis-like and soothing: It is colored in a canvas of neutrals creams and whites to complement the timber flooring. The shade is echoed in the choice of furniture, drapes and in the headboard’s fabric.

The project revels in the ubiquitous features of apartment living by reinventing the urban residential typology and providing unique private and social spaces. As boxy as its plot, the apartment echoes the urban landscape at its best and the passing wind in a way that elevates it both literally and metaphorically from the typical dwelling.


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