This Contemporary House Features A Luxurious Home Theatre

The owners of this three-storied contemporary house situated in the Serangoon Gardens vicinity love to entertain, and wanted a personal sanctuary that is also welcoming for guests.

As avid hosts, the couple’s entertaining style is relaxed, with emphasis on comfort over formality. The design team at The Collective Designs was roped in to articulate their dream family home to two teenagers, their grandparents and a domestic helper. With a track record of 25 years in the design industry, the team has honed a signature classic contemporary design to a T which resonates with the owners’ preferences.

A modern contemporary house plan focused on entertaining

The materials throughout the 4,500 square feet built-up defines its owners’ sophisticated style as much as the decorative pieces, state-of-the-art appliances and furniture selection. Materiality takes centre-stage as a design strategy mastered by the design team and implemented to induce the cozy factor from the get-go; characterized with contrasting textures, shapes and nature-inspired materials, from wood to leather rather than by mere colours.

A neutral backdrop of sensual browns and creams allows the owners’ preferences and furniture to sing while the dry kitchen features bespoke glossy cabinets topped with a sleek island fitted for convivial gatherings.

As the party central in the house, the dining spot is marked by a 10-seater oval table in glass which features a stunningly statuesque base in solid wood. Just above, a bulbous mix of pendant lighting highlights a voluminous ceiling and marks the spot of many illuminating encounters.

Similarly, a gargantuan leather sofa rules the living area, ready to sit an army at a drop of a hat flanked by a solid home entertainment system to match. Ahead, glass balustrades lead the eye up to the upper levels while letting natural light through the narrow stairwell.

Home theatre luxuries in the basement

The pièce de résistance of this house lies in the basement. A perfectly sound-proofed basement was a specific owners’ requirement for movie nights. Often sound proofing materials are ugly and bulky. Sourcing for a beautiful material to encase the plethora of cablings was a challenging feat for the team. Through many trials and errors, the Collective Designs team perfected a particular cladding that met all their aesthetic and practical needs.

Storage is an essential in the basement which also serves as a display showcase for one of the sons’ love for guitars. The Collective Designs team ensured enough space was provided such that the guitars could lean against the wall without obstructing the walkway.

Upstairs in the master suite, another design conundrum is beautifully unraveled. Unlike the rest of the house, this second level features hues of the ocean which starts in the stunning ensuite bathroom cladded in pretty mosaic walls and flooring.

For the fashionista owner, a walk-in wardrobe was a top priority in the early consultation stages of the home. A bespoke walk-in closet is decked to allow room for the couples’ wardrobes and plenty of open shelves to house a growing collection of designer handbags. Sealing the boutique style experience, is an island storage which does double duty to display ties and accessories.

Tonally the different levels of the contemporary house flows gracefully with each floor fitted for social spaces. The house also encourages the owners’ sons to appreciate the fine art of entertaining. An abode that is enlightening and relaxing – something we can all admire.

Photography by Wong Wei Liang, 328 Productions


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