Moooi Gravity Chandelier Lets You Decide The Size, But Gravity Defines The Form

The Gravity Chandelier designed by Paul Corsedge for Moooi, re-imagines the traditional chandeliers of the past. Inspired by changing rigidity to elasticity. With its flexible arms, you define the chandelier’s diameter and choose where the light travels, but the suspended elements create natural curves shaped by gravity.

Moooi’s Flock of Light Brightens Spaces

Flock of Light by Studio Toer is newest Moooi lighting design, inspired by the fireflies’ glowing sparks in the dark. The suspension lighting concept by the Netherlands-based multidisciplinary design collective, brings visual poetry to interiors from living to dining spaces. Flock of Light resembles a delicate sculpture of tiny sparks of light caught in a spider’s web.

Marvelous Marble

Since time immemorial, the beauty of marble is unparalleled with its meandering veins deeply ingrained elevating its status to the most luxurious stone. Now marble is no longer for flooring. The coveted stone can be bended to mould into furniture and wall cladding. Whether as big slabs or in tiny amounts, we curate trending marble ideas to have at home.

Quartz Surfaces Looking Soft And Dreamy

Celebrated American potter and designer Jonathan Adler wants to make hard surfaces look soft and ethereal. Adler brought his signature flair to the trade show to create the space, dubbed “Dreamland,” in collaboration with Israeli quartz surfacing brand Caesarstone where A neon rainbow amidst a sea of clouds greeted visitors at the Toronto Interior Design Show 2020 on January at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Waste Gets Second Life As Biomaterials For A Circular Economy

Palm leaves, corn husks and potatoes are some biomaterials making their way into the hearts of our homes. The London Design Fair focused attention to these bio-based materials which are made from by-products found in the agricultural industry and their positive contribution to both design and the environment.