Moooi’s Flock of Light Brightens Spaces

Flock of Light by Studio Toer is Moooi newest lighting design, inspired by the fireflies’ glowing sparks in the dark.

The suspension lighting concept by the Netherlands-based multidisciplinary design collective, brings visual poetry to interiors from living to dining spaces.  When lit, the lighting resembles a delicate sculpture of tiny sparks of light caught in a spider’s web. The nature-inspired lighting concept captures that magical moment between day and night.

“We took inspiration from a transient moment when a swarm of fireflies drifts. Inspired by nature and the way these little creatures move, we combined our knowledge of technology and ignited an idea. Together, we continued developing this concept, that with the freedom of play became the Flock of Light”, shares Studio Toer.

A nocturnal phenomenon

The studio shared that the design journey for the lighting began as an art installation for Theater Aan de Slinger in Houten. Team Toer created a swirling flock of 500 light elements which fills the air in a playful flock formation.

The light sculpture is designed as a continuous line drawing that fills up the space, without obstructing daylight.

The Flock of Light installation is now available worldwide as a suspension lighting at Moooi.

About flock of light

The suspension lighting is available in two models: Flock of Light 11 and Flock of Light 21. This dimmable light has a powerful output while maintaining its simplicity. It is made from metal and comes with LED lights. It can both create an intimate setting in spaces at home for dining and lounging.

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