Moooi Gravity chandelier lets you decide the size, but gravity defines the form

The Gravity Chandelier designed by Paul Corsedge for Moooi, re-imagines the traditional chandeliers of the past. Inspired by changing rigidity to elasticity. With its flexible arms you define the chandelier’s diameter and choose where the light travels, but the suspended elements create natural curves shaped by gravity.

The Gravity Chandelier’s forms are reminiscent of precise lines of ink, drawn by pen or brush on a piece of paper. Gravity causes the graceful arcs of the strands hanging in mid-air, ending in pressed glass filled with sparkling lights. A collaboration between you and an invisible force.

“The Gravity Chandelier was about me looking at something that’s made as a rigid, solid, and static object. And then imagining it as something that’s very light and flexible.”

– Paul Cocksedge

Pressed glass with multiple functionalities

The pressed glass cups at the end of each arm are an elegant and functional part of the Gravity Chandelier. The pressed glass creates a magnified sparkling effect. Elegant wiring, fixed onto the glass cups, upholds the Gravity Chandelier’s flexible arms.

Clever design that's suitable for any space

The Gravity Chandelier is the definition of a modern chandelier. At first glance, it doesn’t reveal its flexibility and cleverness; It takes a second look to unravel its mystery. Free-flowing arcs are dynamic instead of static, thanks to elegant wiring holding up ornamented glass cups. This creates endless possibilities in compositions, making the Gravity Chandelier suitable for any space.

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