The New Future – Life post pandemic where form will follow infection

Living life with a virus in the midst requires much creative thinking. In the wake of a pandemic, the homefront is as fundamental to our health and well-being as nutrition and exercise. Interiors innovate, evolve, adapt and improve after a global crisis. Today, the fundamental purpose of design is no longer to reflect the zeitgeist, but to respond to it with solutions to the spiralling expectations of the everyday. Moving forward, discomfort begets the new comfort. Be braver, bolder and create your own interiors narrative. Understand that the best homes are about the feeling they give you and not the stuff they contain, the trending colours or looks.

The Trends Edit

Deciphering the winds of change is a tricky business. Of course, one of the most stylish ways to spruce up your space is by embracing some of the design world's hottest trends. To kickstart some inspiration, Jean Leong, Head of Marketing at Goodrich Global shares which trends will make it big this year.

Decorating with Shapes & Shades

A fresh decade of design is here. Decorating and furnishing specialist Jean Leong at Goodrich Global shares seven trends to embrace now. Leong’s reinterpretation of minimalism is anything but boring with a return to strong geometric forms and surprising interpretations of neutral hues.