Decorating With Shapes & Shades

Jean Leong, Head of Marketing
of Goodrich Global

A fresh decade of design is here. Decorating and furnishing specialist Jean Leong at Goodrich Global shares seven trends to embrace now.

Leong’s reinterpretation of minimalism is anything but boring with a return to strong geometric forms and surprising interpretations of neutral hues.

Fret not for those who prefer the edgy interior vibe, 2020 will not just be about earthy tones and natural materials. Leong predicts that the bold colors and clean-cut lines of modernism will also dominate interiors. Shapes like circles and triangles are recurring fusing industry and artisanal, vintage and contemporary, color and geometry.

Think “neo deco” for an updated take on the angular geometrics, cutouts, and patterns of Art Deco for fresh, sophisticated interiors.

“Performance furnishings have changed the way we live making every room functional while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic.”

– Jean Leong, Head of Marketing of Goodrich Global

Artistry inspired walls

The latest Italian collection Kata by Texam, is inspired by shapes and shades. The Ombre effect is uplifted with a twist. Before the gradient effect sees a color transitions from dark tones to light tones or from one tint to another. With patterns layered within an Ombre background, the effect is stunning. For the brave and bold, the Kata wallcovering series from Texam offers a multi-dimensional pattern play on not one but two colours; blue and vermillion.

Branded furnishings

Blatant display of logos can be a kitschy affair, especially at home. From fashion to cars, there are elegant ways walls can deliver the statement of your undying love for your beloved brands sans logos.

Proclaim your fashionable instincts with the Viktor&Rolf Wallcovering. The collection for BN Walls is specially made for the retrospective of the silver jubilee of the Dutch fashion house; and consists of digitized fashion sketches of the duo in the past 25 years.
If living in the fast lane inspires you, consider the Lamborghini wallcovering collection. Influenced by the iconic designs of super car manufacturer Lamborghini, the high quality Italian vinyl wallpapers are made with effects and colours that recall the texture of carbon fibre.

Wedgewood is another iconic brand that combines contemporary design and craftsmanship steeped in heritage. Its recent collaboration with Brink & Campman, a luxury rug manufacture brings forth a fresh design which is quintessentially British.

Amplified neutrals

2020 sees spaces moving away from stark whites and grays towards something a little warmer with neutrals. Warm whites and modern takes on beige evoke a trending 90s in fashion and music too. Think warm rather than cool, like a gray-beige that skews on taupe.


With murals, you can enjoy a favourite scene and artwork anytime at home.
Garden scenes are a favorite for a reason. They are visually soothing and inject some lively greens into your space without much effort.

Asia influences

The ubiquitous Asian aesthetic is always a calming presence in the decorating scene but this year the wabi-sabi vibe is energized as a trend.

Expect to see natural materials used in simple forms and earthy hues which reinforce a feeling of purity that is the core of Asian style. The VP Studio wallcovering collection from Vahallan highlights the layering technique of gold leaves which are delicately handcrafted and painted onto wallpaper. It is a compelling texture which comprises of geometric squares that are inspired by Chinese Traditional Doors.

Geometry lessons

Shapes make great patterns for a vibrant space. From concentrics to sharp edged squares and triangles,  geometric designs break up the symmetry of a room, creating a more relaxed, laid-back vibe.

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