the new future - Life post pandemic where form will follow infection

Living life with a virus in the midst requires much creative thinking. In the wake of a pandemic, the homefront is as fundamental to our health and well-being as nutrition and exercise.

Interiors innovate, evolve, adapt and improve after a global crisis. Today, the fundamental purpose of design is no longer to reflect the zeitgeist, but to respond to it with solutions to the spiralling expectations of the everyday. 

Moving forward, discomfort begets the new comfort. Be braver, bolder and create your own interiors narrative. Understand that the best homes are about the feeling they give you and not the stuff they contain, the trending colours or looks.

“Like the rest of your home, your work space should be a sanctuary.”

As we are all products of our environment, let’s create more supportive spaces in which to live, and reflect our authentic selves. A hardy and honest home is more able to weather the unexpected curveballs of life itself. Isn’t this the true purpose of home?

Here are three mindful ways on prepping the home front with a virus in the midst:

1. Home as the new office

For many, working from home has gone from a rare perk to a company mandate during lockdown.

Understandably, the arrangement of the workplace at home deserves a considered look. Quite simply, the home must multi-function and serves as an efficient space.

Now, home offices are souped up with large work surfaces, comfortable task chairs, and expanded storage space to support much heavier usage.

It’s time to create the right surroundings for letting a new home concept grow into a stroke of genius. Sort out your thoughts and ideas and let your office become a space of inspiration. Smart storage and beautiful details turn your office around from being a space you long to leave to a room, in which you long to be.

2. Smart not sterile

An efficient home in the threat of disease doesn’t have to be clinical. The importance of being surrounded by objects, furnishings, finishes and materials that have personal meaning brings its own boosts to wellbeing. Homes in the future must be set for active rest and play.

Interior design and decoration can still be fun in the midst of a game-changing infrastructure. Touchless tech, handle-less doors, and knee-operated sinks are not exactly homely. But we can make our homes profoundly tactile as deliberate respite from the socially distanced world beyond our doors. In the pursuit of active rest in a beautiful and efficient space, we can naturally counteract stress, build resilience, and good immune function.

3. True blue

Blue has proven to provoke the feelings of trustworthiness and safety in people. So it’s obvious that blue is always going to make its way into our life in chaotic times.

With rich blues set to rise in prominence, the deep, immersive qualities of the shade from Lazuli to Cobalt can be particularly appealing on everything from plush textiles to glass, walls and metallic finishes.

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