Café-culture Concept for Work & Play

Inspired from famous cafes in Thailand, Shanghai and Korea, the vibrant café-theme was recreated using a soothing pastel palette, wood panels, rattan, wallpapers and marble. Singapore-based interior design firm Mr Shopper Studio was presented with the project during challenging times that was the circuit breaker in 2020, to renovate an apartment into a practical and conducive home for a young couple.

Inside An Art Filled Home In Bukit Timah

Perched on one of the rolling hills of Bukit Timah, this three-storey property is tailored to the demands of entertaining, art collecting and raising a precocious toddler. The house’s interior tone and artistic aspirations are evident on entry. Thanks to the attentiveness and design directions from Elements ID founder Victor Ng.

Modern Resort Theme Villa Boasts Luxurious Wooden Panels

Near Reynosa, Mexico lies the small town of Torreon where an owner has made home for the last 30 years. Granted, childhood homes are particularly iffy projects to handle especially since it deals with nostalgia and the collection of memories embedded within the walls and rooms of the house.

Resort Style House for Nature Lovers

It is often said that a great project needs a truly great client. This three-storey residential tucked in the leafy hills at Bukit Timah is a case in point. The space commissioned to Metaphor Studio is home to a professional athlete, his wife who is a horse trainer and three children. All the couple wanted was a home that meets their needs with a resort-like ambience so five people can comfortably inhabit the space without stepping on each other.