Rustic B&B In Xiamen Is A Traditional Architecture Urbanised

Located in Dazhai Village, Xiamen, Xiangyu Xiangyuan B&B is steeped in traditional Fujian architecture fused with contemporary touches. The 1 200 square metres property is composed of three traditional houses and two new buildings, which juxtapose the old and new into a single architectural narrative. The team at The Design Institute Of Landscape & Architecture China Academy Of Art had envisoned the property as a quaint guest house which promises visitors a rural experience with modern-day comforts.

SIDA 2020 winners’ Circle | A celebration of Distinctive Singaporean Designs

The Singapore Interior Designers Showcase is proud to present the SIDA Luminary Awards in collaboration with the Society of Interior Designers Singapore. The SIDA Luminary Awards is an initiative by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore to energize the local design industry by setting a benchmark for outstanding works in the face of a competitive market.

LOOK Architects Pte Ltd

The forested mountains of Fuzhou is now accessible, thanks to an elevated pedestrian walkway. Designed by Look Architects, the China Fuzhou Jin Niu Shan Trans-Urban Connector, or "Fudao", winds 19km through the capital of Fujian province in southeastern China; allowing the people who use it daily to get closer to the dense mountains.

Dog-friendly House Serves As A Staycation By The Sea

In the small town Sowon-myeon Padori which translates to “wish” and “wave” in Korean, a couple envisioned their house and a small guesthouse for dog lovers. Dog-friendly Mungzip guesthouse has always been the client’s dream, who often had trouble with finding good stay for her and her dogs while traveling.  She wanted to call it. The beautiful location, their bravery in breaking social conventions, and the unique opportunity to create a “special guesthouse for dog lovers” fascinated the architects at YOAP.

Colonial Style House Infused With The Cosines of an English Cottage

On first appearance, the Colonial façade along Oei Tiong Ham Road might not seem particularly modern, but look closer and you will spot contemporary touches throughout, from the statement walls housing wide screen TVs to the faux fireplace in the den. The owners’ brief to the team at CAD Associates was to manifest the house into an English cottage albeit infused with the modern luxuries of a 6 star hotel.

A Minimalist Home Entrenched In Chinese Culture

Culture and tradition are two unshakable pillars of family and identity that may erode over time. To preserve and bridge culture into their next phase of life, the homeowners of a 40-year-old corner terrace home called upon the creative services of UPSTAIRS_ to reform their home for the future. Through the consultation, it was determined that the homeowners were deeply entrenched in the history of Chinese culture yet envisioned a home that incorporated elements of modern architecture.

Home Office Revitalised – Working from home in style

What stands out in particular in Mantab Workplace is its gleaming bold façade. Looming over the quiet suburban street, the gold-copper alloy façade rises up from the building’s ground level in shielding its interior furtively. The project by S/LAB 10 entailed a complete internal overhaul of an existing bungalow.

There is Nothing Barn like About This Farm House

There is nothing barn like about this farm house. Resting on a rolling field, this modern rural country home outside Toronto, a project by Trevor McIvor Architect, was inspired by the stone walls that were used to separate farmer’s fields. Stouffville Residence which spans over 465 square meters, is grounded in the earth while being cantilevered over a vast landscape.

A House in Lucknow City Featuring Embroidery – Inspired screens

Looking like a pretty stack of lacy boxes, the house is located in lucknow city india. Created by mumbai-based architect sanjay puri, the structure is defined by its characteristic, semipermeable lattice screens fashioned after the city’s traditional ‘chikan’ embroidery, famous for its small and repetitive patterns.