Eco-friendly House By The Beach Provides Epic Views Of The Sea

The Salt Box Residence is a 2,400 square foot home sited in the low-lying, flood-prone salt marshes of New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay. The client’s brief to Parnagian Architects was to design a lasting replacement for a multi-generational family home that had been damaged beyond repair during Hurricane Sandy. The site is situated at the end of a small peninsula, bound directly to the west by a commercial shipyard and marina, and to the north, south, and east by expansive views of the Barnegat Bay.

In Flying Colours

Experiential retail is more important than ever, with a pandemic having accelerated the prevalence and importance of ecommerce. Moving forward, customers will demand seamless shopping experiences no matter the retailer. Local interior design studio CAD Associates was appointed the challenging task to create a store that will entice customers off the internet and into the physical space.

A House Build Around a Dog Bed

A dog bed is an essential design element in the renovation of this house. Canadian architecture firm StudioAC design approach to the Sheridan Residence in Toronto involves using plywood as the main material for its scandi-chic aesthetic and functional appeal. The smooth surface of plywood is easy to clean for a dog-friendly space.

A Cat-friendly Flat and Home to a Parrot and Humans Too

Creating a pet playground and cat-friendly small apartment can be a challenging affair. Add an elderly family member to the equation and the exercise immediately warrants professional advice. For Ken and Teri, their parrot and cat are like family member, who have their own personality and need for private space.

Townhouse Design for a Multi-generation Family

In the heart of the historical district in Jing’an, the design of townhome interiors is a pure and minimal expression of extravagance. These family-oriented environments prioritize natural light, personal outdoor space, and the use of the highest quality finishes. The refined construction detailing and minimal use of finishes express how essentialism redefines traditional notions of luxury.

Y20 – Communal office

Located in the XiXi Wetland Park of Hangzhou in Eastern China, Y20 is a mixed use office space surrounded by natural scenery and features a unique Y-shaped interior layout. Property owner Alcai Technology had envisioned the 700 square meters of Y20 Space as more than just an office building, but a community space for work, business conferences and events, before entrusting the task to WJ Design.

Warehouse Gym – Boutique fitness for the design savvy

Located in Dubai Design District (d3); Warehouse Gym is one chic workout zone. The purpose built mecca is home to the region’s most growing and vibrant design community, including entrepreneurs, startups and international brands. Interior architects at VSHD main challenge was to deliver a boutique fitness facility which appeals to the design savvy community.

Cat-friendly Home That is Nature-inspired

"To you he is just a pet. To him, you are his everything” – an anonymous quote which resonates true in this flat tucked in Marine Crescent. For Sia Aiwei, her cats mean everything to her, having the furry animals always present all her life.