Dog-friendly House Serves As A Staycation By The Sea

In the small town Sowon-myeon Padori which translates to “wish” and “wave” in Korean, a couple envisioned their house and a small guesthouse for dog lovers. Dog-friendly Mungzip guesthouse has always been the client’s dream, who often had trouble with finding good stay for her and her dogs while traveling.  She wanted to call it. The beautiful location, their bravery in breaking social conventions, and the unique opportunity to create a “special guesthouse for dog lovers” fascinated the architects at YOAP.

A House Build Around a Dog Bed

A dog bed is an essential design element in the renovation of this house. Canadian architecture firm StudioAC design approach to the Sheridan Residence in Toronto involves using plywood as the main material for its scandi-chic aesthetic and functional appeal. The smooth surface of plywood is easy to clean for a dog-friendly space.

Pink Cat House – A pretty space for three lucky cats

A pink cat house by KC Design Studio is dedicated to a couple’s love for their three cats. Cat-friendly features include cat ladders, a carousel climbing frame and a fluffy swing, all of which are in pink. With careers in graphic design and fashion, the cat-loving couple have cultivated a passion for bold and unusual design.

A Dog-friendly House for a Disabled Pet German Shepard

Stylish and functional, this dog-friendly house in Beijing is largely designed around the medical needs of a pet German Shepard. A dog is indeed a man’s best friend in this project by Beijing-based Atelier About Architecture. The doting pet parent envisioned a colorful world inside the dog-friendly house where his dog can happily live and play.

A Cat-friendly Flat and Home to a Parrot and Humans Too

Creating a pet playground and cat-friendly small apartment can be a challenging affair. Add an elderly family member to the equation and the exercise immediately warrants professional advice. For Ken and Teri, their parrot and cat are like family member, who have their own personality and need for private space.

A Cat-friendly Condominium which Maximises on Vertical Space

Feline lovers understand that humans do not actually own cats. In fact, the reverse is true. Hence, cat-friendly spaces often include cat walkways, nooks and climbing shelves whether to proudly showcase the cats or subtly take advantage of unused vertical space.

Cat-friendly House for Book Lovers

When creating homes for a lifetime, it comes naturally that we should build our homes around things we truly enjoy the most. It could be the incorporating of a hobby like fishing or cooking into the design that will ultimately bring us joy each time we unlock the front door to our pad.

Cat-friendly Home That is Nature-inspired

"To you he is just a pet. To him, you are his everything” – an anonymous quote which resonates true in this flat tucked in Marine Crescent. For Sia Aiwei, her cats mean everything to her, having the furry animals always present all her life.