Minimalism Design Rehashed In This Loft Apartment Fitted For A Young Family

Today’s minimalism design is different from the clean-lined perfection of the past. Instead of an idealized idea of the absence of things, contemporary minimalism in interior design today is about eradicating personality and imperfections in favour of a utopian and anti-individual ‘ideal state’. It is about using the absence of things to enhance the meaning of what we chose to retain; quieting the room to enable the chosen pieces to speak clearly about what matters to us.

Minimalist Style Apartment For A Family Of Four

Minimal in furnishing with bare and undecorated spaces - this is a home one would not expect from a family as its occupants. For this couple with a young child and a newborn, the atypical Minimalist home called KOA apartment, is their dream space materialized. Their wish was to have a home that is free of the norm, and is defined by their notion of how they wish to live.

All White Interior Design: Shadow Box residence bleached out space nails the look

Minimal and boxy in presence, this three-storey residence stuck out amidst its placid suburban surrounding with its all white interior design concept. The other peculiarity is, the house has only a single horizontal strip window to the outside. Canadian-based Architect Johnson Chou envisioned the all white house as an instrument for the appreciation of the profound ephemerality of time. Its all-white interior is the perfect canvas to capture shadows on the walls and floor, as light passes through the narrow window throughout the day.

Modern Rustic – A Lesson In Rural Living Rejuvenation

A village housing takes a humble attitude and offers a new perspective in defining the domestic and vernacular landscape of Shanghai's suburb. Contrary to a utopian model of commercially driven architecture, House G is an atypical mode of rural intervention that it is an architecture designed for a local family, rather than for investors. The team at Interval Architects envisioned its design to be intrinsic to the needs of its occupants and their rural lifestyle.

A Minimalist Home Entrenched In Chinese Culture

Culture and tradition are two unshakable pillars of family and identity that may erode over time. To preserve and bridge culture into their next phase of life, the homeowners of a 40-year-old corner terrace home called upon the creative services of UPSTAIRS_ to reform their home for the future. Through the consultation, it was determined that the homeowners were deeply entrenched in the history of Chinese culture yet envisioned a home that incorporated elements of modern architecture.

Townhouse Design for a Multi-generation Family

In the heart of the historical district in Jing’an, the design of townhome interiors is a pure and minimal expression of extravagance. These family-oriented environments prioritize natural light, personal outdoor space, and the use of the highest quality finishes. The refined construction detailing and minimal use of finishes express how essentialism redefines traditional notions of luxury.

Tiny Home – Big on space and style

Submerged into the lush greenery of Vinkeveen, a residential enclave in the Netherlands is a tiny home for a family of four. While its location seemed remote, the house’s narrative is pleasantly welcoming, accessible and relatable to the modern psyche and winner of the ‘House of the Year’ Frame Awards 2019.

Burj Residence – Where scale is the new luxe

From the interior plan to the exterior form, the simplicity of Burj Residence emphasises all-the-more its sculptural nature. From the approach, scale makes up for ostentatious details. Upon entry into the narrow lobby, the space unfolds to reveal double height interiors and a stairwell lit from above.