Eco-friendly House By The Beach Provides Epic Views Of The Sea

The Salt Box Residence is a 2,400 square foot home sited in the low-lying, flood-prone salt marshes of New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay. The client’s brief to Parnagian Architects was to design a lasting replacement for a multi-generational family home that had been damaged beyond repair during Hurricane Sandy. The site is situated at the end of a small peninsula, bound directly to the west by a commercial shipyard and marina, and to the north, south, and east by expansive views of the Barnegat Bay.

ARC Studio Architecture + Urbanism Pte Ltd

Like how a skin protects the body, The Tembusu functions as a living host which shelters its inhabitants from the environment. ARC Studio’s high-rise, high-density housing of 337 homes is enlivened by the “living façade” which involved threads of nature around the columns interweaving with the architecture to create an organic exterior bringing the landscape closer to the residential units. It also creates an impression that the landscape drapes over two sky links, creating an even more intimate experience with nature.

WOHA Architects Pte Ltd

Like a giant tree, Oasia Hotel Downtown designed by WOHA Architects offers shelter for its inhabitants and respite for the larger community around it too. Unlike the sleek and sealed skyscrapers in Singapore’s Central Business District, this tropical “living tower” offers an alternative image to the sleek technology of the genre.

LOOK Architects Pte Ltd

The forested mountains of Fuzhou is now accessible, thanks to an elevated pedestrian walkway. Designed by Look Architects, the China Fuzhou Jin Niu Shan Trans-Urban Connector, or "Fudao", winds 19km through the capital of Fujian province in southeastern China; allowing the people who use it daily to get closer to the dense mountains.

Library Design – The Future Of Libraries in Cyberage

In the eye of cyberage, it was thought that it was only a matter of time before print books were replaced by e-books. Now with the virtual reality in full swing, demand for the printed word, and its place in libraries remain strong. The idea that everyone will read everything on screens has not proven to be true. The publishing industry knows this, and it is reflected in high-quality library designs.

Garden House In The City – Integrating the park inside

The global lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many rediscovering and embracing the comforts of home. Inspired by the notion of bringing nature back to urban living, Christos Pavlou Architecture envisioned a two-story residence in Nicosia, Cyprus filled with pockets of green open spaces in the effort to improve living conditions and maintain urban biodiversity by encouraging the return of local bird species and bees.

There is Nothing Barn like About This Farm House

There is nothing barn like about this farm house. Resting on a rolling field, this modern rural country home outside Toronto, a project by Trevor McIvor Architect, was inspired by the stone walls that were used to separate farmer’s fields. Stouffville Residence which spans over 465 square meters, is grounded in the earth while being cantilevered over a vast landscape.

Y20 – Communal office

Located in the XiXi Wetland Park of Hangzhou in Eastern China, Y20 is a mixed use office space surrounded by natural scenery and features a unique Y-shaped interior layout. Property owner Alcai Technology had envisioned the 700 square meters of Y20 Space as more than just an office building, but a community space for work, business conferences and events, before entrusting the task to WJ Design.

Green Isle – A dining concept imbued with greenery

Designing a restaurant is not new for Taiwan based architect Ken Lo of Chain 10 Architecture. However, in the design of Green Isle, a third restaurant of the successful Tan Zuo Mali chain, Lo knew he had to think out-of-the-box to go further than his two previous designs for the chain. The concept of dining and green spaces needed to be rehashed in a fresh perspective in view that Kaohsiung residents who are largely environmentally-conscious, hardly afford the time to appreciate nature.