Rustic B&B In Xiamen Is A Traditional Architecture Urbanised

Located in Dazhai Village, Xiamen, Xiangyu Xiangyuan B&B is steeped in traditional Fujian architecture fused with contemporary touches. The 1 200 square metres property is composed of three traditional houses and two new buildings, which juxtapose the old and new into a single architectural narrative. The team at The Design Institute Of Landscape & Architecture China Academy Of Art had envisoned the property as a quaint guest house which promises visitors a rural experience with modern-day comforts.

Minimalism Design Rehashed In This Loft Apartment Fitted For A Young Family

Today’s minimalism design is different from the clean-lined perfection of the past. Instead of an idealized idea of the absence of things, contemporary minimalism in interior design today is about eradicating personality and imperfections in favour of a utopian and anti-individual ‘ideal state’. It is about using the absence of things to enhance the meaning of what we chose to retain; quieting the room to enable the chosen pieces to speak clearly about what matters to us.

SIDA 2020 winners’ Circle | A celebration of Distinctive Singaporean Designs

The Singapore Interior Designers Showcase is proud to present the SIDA Luminary Awards in collaboration with the Society of Interior Designers Singapore. The SIDA Luminary Awards is an initiative by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore to energize the local design industry by setting a benchmark for outstanding works in the face of a competitive market.

The Substance of Style – How you can pull off wallpaper and take your home to a whole new place in the process

A wallpaper is an opportunity to try something uncharacteristic. In small doses, it is like a nice surprise every time you walk into the room. The designs and textures of wallpapers available are fresh, modern and interesting. Understandably, wallpapers can feel intimidating to the uninitiated. Wallpaper experts at Goodrich Global, know a thing or two about making an impact in any space, big and small. After all the company owed its humble beginnings to supplying only wallpapers since 1983.

Bringing Nature Into Interior Design

As the world population continues to urbanize, humans seek to improve on our well-being and expedite healing. Interior design begins with human experience. Given how quickly an experience of nature can elicit a restorative response, design that reconnects us with nature – biophilic design – is a conscious effort to link the built environment to the natural world, through various sensory experiences including sight, sound, touch, and smell. Today it has become essential for providing people opportunities to live and work in healthy places and spaces with less stress, improve cognitive function and enhances creativity.

Tuscan Style House – a luxurious getaway at home

Nestled within the exclusive development by Four Seasons Orlando Resort in Florida, the six-bedroom dwelling was envisioned to be a home away from home. With a whitewashed vaulted and beamed ceiling, as well as a wall of multi-pane picture windows, the interior is airy and inviting, though the exterior of the home is relatively unassuming. With 22,000 square feet, this residential project marks the first for VSHD Design in the United States.

Inside Socialite Jamie Chua’s House

Arguably the ultimate socialite-entrepreneur, Jamie Chua’s home is a reflection of her lifestyle- glamourous and classy, yet laid-back. With a reputation for hosting parties, meeting people and jet-setting the globe to attend the finest fashion meets, the inspiration behind her home is that of Hollywood glamour, with strong cosmopolitan vibes.

Nature inspired home marries raw materials with an elegant approach

Familiarity - in the case of couple Farish and Malis, breeds trust instead of contempt. When Elements ID Consultants designed their previous home moons ago, it was a successful transformation and love at first sight. Now with two teenage daughters and two resident felines in tow, they want their favourite interior designer to help them carve a comfortable dwelling to house for a growing family.

Pink Cat House – A pretty space for three lucky cats

A pink cat house by KC Design Studio is dedicated to a couple’s love for their three cats. Cat-friendly features include cat ladders, a carousel climbing frame and a fluffy swing, all of which are in pink. With careers in graphic design and fashion, the cat-loving couple have cultivated a passion for bold and unusual design.

A Contemporary Apartment Magnified With Clever Use of Mirrors

In the local context, the housing of tomorrow is getting smaller. The challenge is to leverage on the modular system of building in residential design, challenge conventional wisdom and ride on emergent trends in technology as design and implementation enablers. A unit in Waterway Point Condominium has been given an uplift by Elements ID Consultants, headed by Victor Ng.