Café-culture Concept for Work & Play

Inspired from famous cafes in Thailand, Shanghai and Korea, the vibrant café-theme was recreated using a soothing pastel palette, wood panels, rattan, wallpapers and marble. Singapore-based interior design firm Mr Shopper Studio was presented with the project during challenging times that was the circuit breaker in 2020, to renovate an apartment into a practical and conducive home for a young couple.

Library Design – The Future Of Libraries in Cyberage

In the eye of cyberage, it was thought that it was only a matter of time before print books were replaced by e-books. Now with the virtual reality in full swing, demand for the printed word, and its place in libraries remain strong. The idea that everyone will read everything on screens has not proven to be true. The publishing industry knows this, and it is reflected in high-quality library designs.

Colonial Style House Infused With The Cosines of an English Cottage

On first appearance, the Colonial façade along Oei Tiong Ham Road might not seem particularly modern, but look closer and you will spot contemporary touches throughout, from the statement walls housing wide screen TVs to the faux fireplace in the den. The owners’ brief to the team at CAD Associates was to manifest the house into an English cottage albeit infused with the modern luxuries of a 6 star hotel.

5-room HDB Flat Marries Oriental and Industrial Styles

It takes more than a sharp eye for detail to mix design themes and styles without warranting a clash in styles. Homes that are rich in layers and styles are much more vibrant and dynamic and help to distort the mundane. At the behest of their client, CAD Associates relied on experience and a penchant for experimentation to merge the best of Industrial designs with an Oriental style for a 5-room HDB at Bedok Reservoir Road.

Penthouse Design with Oriental Flair

When local interior design specialists CAD Associates were hired to revolutionise a three-bedroom penthouse in Mergui Road, the clients offered the team a simple brief – to populate the house with a homely feeling throughout. What followed was a design that would keep the clients on their toes across the various design seasons and nurture a comfortable ambience ideal for the growth of a family.

Cat-friendly House for Book Lovers

When creating homes for a lifetime, it comes naturally that we should build our homes around things we truly enjoy the most. It could be the incorporating of a hobby like fishing or cooking into the design that will ultimately bring us joy each time we unlock the front door to our pad.

Furniture Brand Boca Do Lobo Adds Rock Star Glamour

“My client’s request was to create a curated space with a feel that pieces were collected over time,” reveals interior designer Laith Abdel Hadi who shuttles between Dubai, London and Saudi Arabia. This contemporary residence enhances perfectly the balance between bright colors, strong contrasts and the elegance of some the most coveted pieces by Portuguese furniture brand Boca do Lobo. Laith had envisioned the space to be a harmonious space full of opulence, glamour and a dash of rock and roll.

Cat-friendly Home That is Nature-inspired

"To you he is just a pet. To him, you are his everything” – an anonymous quote which resonates true in this flat tucked in Marine Crescent. For Sia Aiwei, her cats mean everything to her, having the furry animals always present all her life.

A House in Lucknow City Featuring Embroidery – Inspired screens

Looking like a pretty stack of lacy boxes, the house is located in lucknow city india. Created by mumbai-based architect sanjay puri, the structure is defined by its characteristic, semipermeable lattice screens fashioned after the city’s traditional ‘chikan’ embroidery, famous for its small and repetitive patterns.