Home Office Revitalised – Working from home in style

What stands out in particular in Mantab Workplace is its gleaming bold façade. Looming over the quiet suburban street, the gold-copper alloy façade rises up from the building’s ground level in shielding its interior furtively. The project by S/LAB 10 entailed a complete internal overhaul of an existing bungalow.

Office@63 – All stacked up for work

It is the mark of good design when a new construct feels well grounded.Designed by Mumbai-based studio Sanjay Puri Architects, volumes within volumes lend each functional part of Office@63 their own identity. Stepping inside the office situated in Navi Mumbai, the design dialogue becomes instantly apparent through the sheer openness of the space.

Porsche Headquarters – Inspired by speed and passion

Speed and passion is the operative design directive for the new Porsche Headquarters in Shanghai, China to reflect the brand’s heritage. The German sports car manufacturer tasked Anyscale Architecture Design with designing their office at the prestigious Lu Jia Zui Financial Plaza.