Dujiangyan Bookstore In China Is Fairytale-like And Surreal

Located west of Chengdu in the Sichuan province, the bookstore features gravity-defying staircases and infinite bookshelves which looks like it came straight out of one of Dutch artist M.C. Escher’s fever dreams. An article in the Smithsonian wrote that architect Li Xiang, founder of Shanghai-based firm X+Living, designed the 973 square metres bookshop, which draws inspiration from the Unesco World Heritage–listed Dujiangyan irrigation system. Certain architectural elements resemble water, nodding to the many rivers that flow through the city.

Rustic B&B In Xiamen Is A Traditional Architecture Urbanised

Located in Dazhai Village, Xiamen, Xiangyu Xiangyuan B&B is steeped in traditional Fujian architecture fused with contemporary touches. The 1 200 square metres property is composed of three traditional houses and two new buildings, which juxtapose the old and new into a single architectural narrative. The team at The Design Institute Of Landscape & Architecture China Academy Of Art had envisoned the property as a quaint guest house which promises visitors a rural experience with modern-day comforts.

Minimalist Style Apartment For A Family Of Four

Minimal in furnishing with bare and undecorated spaces - this is a home one would not expect from a family as its occupants. For this couple with a young child and a newborn, the atypical Minimalist home called KOA apartment, is their dream space materialized. Their wish was to have a home that is free of the norm, and is defined by their notion of how they wish to live.

Library Design – The Future Of Libraries in Cyberage

In the eye of cyberage, it was thought that it was only a matter of time before print books were replaced by e-books. Now with the virtual reality in full swing, demand for the printed word, and its place in libraries remain strong. The idea that everyone will read everything on screens has not proven to be true. The publishing industry knows this, and it is reflected in high-quality library designs.

Healthcare Design – Recuperating in Grand Hospitality

Imagine recuperating after a surgery amidst an elegant space that is beautifully decorated to remind you of home. Thomson Medical Centre (TMC), was looking for a design unlike anything the industry had seen. The mandate was to design a space that felt more like a home than a hospital. Goodrich Global was roped in to work alongside the design team to incorporate high-performance furnishings to complement the desired aesthetics.

A Dog-friendly House for a Disabled Pet German Shepard

Stylish and functional, this dog-friendly house in Beijing is largely designed around the medical needs of a pet German Shepard. A dog is indeed a man’s best friend in this project by Beijing-based Atelier About Architecture. The doting pet parent envisioned a colorful world inside the dog-friendly house where his dog can happily live and play.

A Minimalist Home Entrenched In Chinese Culture

Culture and tradition are two unshakable pillars of family and identity that may erode over time. To preserve and bridge culture into their next phase of life, the homeowners of a 40-year-old corner terrace home called upon the creative services of UPSTAIRS_ to reform their home for the future. Through the consultation, it was determined that the homeowners were deeply entrenched in the history of Chinese culture yet envisioned a home that incorporated elements of modern architecture.

Resort Style House for Nature Lovers

It is often said that a great project needs a truly great client. This three-storey residential tucked in the leafy hills at Bukit Timah is a case in point. The space commissioned to Metaphor Studio is home to a professional athlete, his wife who is a horse trainer and three children. All the couple wanted was a home that meets their needs with a resort-like ambience so five people can comfortably inhabit the space without stepping on each other.

Hotel-inspired HDB Flat

As frequent travellers of the world, the owners of a five-bedroom flat in Choa Chu Kang invited CAD Associates on board to realise their hotel-like concept for the home. Inspired on their globe-spanning adventures, the couple wanted to replicate the comfort and sophistication found in five-star hotels on their travels in their homely abode.

This Penthouse is a Sanctuary in the Sky for a Family of Four

Aglance at the specifications of this 3,150 square feet apartment reveals why it was named winner of the Interior Design Confederation of Singapore Design Excellent Award 2017 in the best residential category. From the façade of narrow lattice-like screens, honey-hued wooden features, and polished granite reveals the thumbprints of the design masterminds at Metaphor Studio that conceptualized them, to the gleaming mirrored wall and crafted lighting, the beauty in this apartment is all in the details.