ARC Studio Architecture + Urbanism Pte Ltd

Like how a skin protects the body, The Tembusu functions as a living host which shelters its inhabitants from the environment. ARC Studio’s high-rise, high-density housing of 337 homes is enlivened by the “living façade” which involved threads of nature around the columns interweaving with the architecture to create an organic exterior bringing the landscape closer to the residential units. It also creates an impression that the landscape drapes over two sky links, creating an even more intimate experience with nature.

Modern Rustic – A Lesson In Rural Living Rejuvenation

A village housing takes a humble attitude and offers a new perspective in defining the domestic and vernacular landscape of Shanghai's suburb. Contrary to a utopian model of commercially driven architecture, House G is an atypical mode of rural intervention that it is an architecture designed for a local family, rather than for investors. The team at Interval Architects envisioned its design to be intrinsic to the needs of its occupants and their rural lifestyle.

Garden House In The City – Integrating the park inside

The global lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many rediscovering and embracing the comforts of home. Inspired by the notion of bringing nature back to urban living, Christos Pavlou Architecture envisioned a two-story residence in Nicosia, Cyprus filled with pockets of green open spaces in the effort to improve living conditions and maintain urban biodiversity by encouraging the return of local bird species and bees.

Inside An Art Filled Home In Bukit Timah

Perched on one of the rolling hills of Bukit Timah, this three-storey property is tailored to the demands of entertaining, art collecting and raising a precocious toddler. The house’s interior tone and artistic aspirations are evident on entry. Thanks to the attentiveness and design directions from Elements ID founder Victor Ng.

A Home with a Modern Resort Concept

Interior design is all about translating the needs of a homeowner into a functional part of the home and at times those expectations do not match up when placed in the hands of an inexperienced design team. After collecting the keys to their two-storied inter-terrace, the homeowners justifiably confided in the design team of CAD Associates to manage their design needs for a resort feel within their new landed home.

Modern Resort Theme Villa Boasts Luxurious Wooden Panels

Near Reynosa, Mexico lies the small town of Torreon where an owner has made home for the last 30 years. Granted, childhood homes are particularly iffy projects to handle especially since it deals with nostalgia and the collection of memories embedded within the walls and rooms of the house.

There is Nothing Barn like About This Farm House

There is nothing barn like about this farm house. Resting on a rolling field, this modern rural country home outside Toronto, a project by Trevor McIvor Architect, was inspired by the stone walls that were used to separate farmer’s fields. Stouffville Residence which spans over 465 square meters, is grounded in the earth while being cantilevered over a vast landscape.

Green Isle – A dining concept imbued with greenery

Designing a restaurant is not new for Taiwan based architect Ken Lo of Chain 10 Architecture. However, in the design of Green Isle, a third restaurant of the successful Tan Zuo Mali chain, Lo knew he had to think out-of-the-box to go further than his two previous designs for the chain. The concept of dining and green spaces needed to be rehashed in a fresh perspective in view that Kaohsiung residents who are largely environmentally-conscious, hardly afford the time to appreciate nature.

A House in Lucknow City Featuring Embroidery – Inspired screens

Looking like a pretty stack of lacy boxes, the house is located in lucknow city india. Created by mumbai-based architect sanjay puri, the structure is defined by its characteristic, semipermeable lattice screens fashioned after the city’s traditional ‘chikan’ embroidery, famous for its small and repetitive patterns.