Metaphor Studio

Space is of essence at Metaphor Studio. When designing a home, the team begins each creative process by understanding the project site, measuring its capability and intrinsic qualities to match its occupants’ lifestyle needs.

“Every site is always unique to its context, it provides vivid evidence on its natural, technical and social condition that required to be tempered in order to create a harmonious living environment and many times it also carries mysterious spatial opportunities for our creative exploration to achieve explicit experiential moment within an interiors, “says creative director Stephen Goh and design principal Angela Tantry of Metaphor Studio.

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The aim is to create “an experiential moment”, explains the team who wanted to surprise and to amaze people as soon as they get through the door.

Best known for their architecturally led spatial expressions, their design approach involved clever use of bespoke details and strategic lighting to enhance spatial form.

For their winning project which is a concept luxury loft apartment; a striking stairwell with steel plates at the main hall not only is visually arresting and underlines the “wow” effect the team aimed for; it also works with the geometry of the room to enhance its sense of space, while maintaining essential functions as dining seats and steps leading to the upper levels.

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The 20 year old walk-up apartment with two bedrooms was in need of a total revamp to include an additional family member.Block colouring highlights each area’s distinct identity in a smart, architectural slight of hand. For example, the skeletal stairwell houses light strips under each step, illuminating the dining spot while hidden light strips upstairs are integrated in the ceiling alcoves.

All the rooms are painted monochrome, including walls and ceiling; the surfaces are only differentiated by materiality, from marble slab flooring to rough textured stone walls.

The team proves that with a “brave” client and a healthy sense of experimentation, an everyday interior can become a true journey of discovery.

The project Lofty Resort achieved a merit SIDA CONCEPT 2018, a prestigious award by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore.

Design Practice

  • Metaphor Studio

Key Personnel (from left)

  • Jesfer Dimaun
  • Angela Tantry
  • Stephen Goh
  • Ahmad Fauzi

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