When Jimmy Tong started Luxx Newhouse 25 years ago, he did not expect to add in his illustrious journey, a solid surface museum displaying the company’s greatest creations.

The museum which is an extension of Luxx Newhouse 60,000 square feet head office in Singapore, is testimony to Tong’s appreciation of good design. One stunning exhibit is a 3D transformation of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, illuminated by an iridescent HI-MACS acrylic surface.

Solid foundations

Today Luxx Newhouse, specialises in design, contract management, fabrication and installation solutions of solid surface materials. The company has come a long way since its early days as a supplier of solid surfaces for kitchen and bathroom worktops.

”Design is all about the details. There is no shortcut to quality workmanship,” shares Tong. “Although the designs are provided by designers, we transform the conceptual to 3D, making each design come alive.”

He added that technology and global convergence are leveraging factors in a company’s growth and sustainability. “We recognize what’s important to us. We capitalize on technology, fabrication techniques and design inputs that add value. We’re then able to combine change in material and preferences to meet production expectations in residential and commercial settings.”

Its Singapore headquarters also houses production facilities for Malaysia, Hong Kong and China, equipped with state-of-the-art fabrication machineries, including CNC numerical control engraving and cutting machines, thermoforming ovens and vacuum presses.

This year, Luxx Newhouse added GANI Marble, an engineered marble tile product to its stable of quality surfaces which include HI-MACS from South Korea, COMPAC from Spain and DiDio from Italy.

Awards both regional and local lined the walls of the gallery to attest to the company’s success where collaborating with internationally acclaimed brands and delivering bespoke designs are its DNA.

Tong is particularly proud of the Acropolis kitchen which won the SG Mark Gold Award for their innovative approach and excellent workmanship. Acropolis is a concentric kitchen, originally designed by Pininfarina, an Italian design house attributed to Ferrari cars. Luxx Newhouse was able to reproduce the kitchen counter which was first made of Aluminium in Italy; under a license in its Singapore factory using HI-MACS solid surface.

Technology and best practices steer Luxx Newhouse to excellence

HI-MACS which is water, heat, stain and bacteria –resistant is a perfect material for demanding kitchen environments such as the futuristic Acropolis kitchen; designed to be in the centre of a large room for all round convenience and mobility while cooking.

The company is also instrumental in developing bespoke interior products and furnishings in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects for Mayfair residential tower in Melbourne. The Mayfair’s organic structure is the signature style of the famous London-based architectural firm and co-designed with Melbourne-based Elenberg Fraser Architects.

He pointed out that clients are always looking for reliable service providers which contributed to the company’s success.

“Our greatest achievement to date has been to play an integrated role in providing a total solution for high performance and beautiful hard surfaces. With that done right, new inspirations can be created and opportunities for the company to earn profits and be recognised.”

Tong maybe the boss but he added that he is not driven by profits alone. “We aspire to enhance people’s lives, so that our clients are happy in a good environment at work and at home.”

Today the company has over 300 employees in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou, operating in two circuits; the greater China, Hong Kong and Macau. The other is the Asean circuit including Singapore and Malaysia. Tong believes these two segments will enable the company to grow well into the next century.

“We’re a small company with a corporate approach. We could grow bigger but I’m not hungry for growth. Instead, we pursue excellence which is our corporate philosophy. I think it’s important that one sees a purpose in life. We should be driven to do good things and stay relevant.”

Design Practice

  • Luxx Newhouse Pte Ltd

Key Personnel

  • Jimmy Tong, Founder & President



  • Capri Hotel
  • D’leedon Condominium
  • Duo Residence
  • Hotel Jen
  • Interlace Condominium
  • National University Hospital Kids
  • Ng Teng Fong Hospital
  • NUHS Centre for Oral Health
  • Tapestry Condominium


  • Citizen M Residence, Kuala Lumpur
  • Setia Sky Seputeh Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Awards / Accolades

  • Awarded by Design Business Chamber Singapore, DBCS: “Singapore Good Design, Life SG Mark, Gold, 2015”.
  • Awarded by SIDS, “Engineered Stone Supplier Of The Year 2018-19”.
  • Awarded by DBCS, “Singapore Good Design Mark, Life SG Mark 2015, IP Kitchen”.
  • Awarded by Malaysia International Furniture Fair MIFF “Grand Prize, Luminous Reception Counter, 2015”.  Certified ‘Leader’ Singapore Green Building Council under Marble Tiles Category.


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