JP Concept

The unique focus of JP Concept has garnered them clients that are deemed to be the best of Singapore’s food and beverage (F&B) industry.

Peach blossoms

With major expertise and experience in commercial and hospitality projects, the husband-and-wife team has extensively dealt with a wide spectrum of F&B venues like that of lounges, cafes, fine dining and food courts. Building their portfolio on big names such as iL Lido, Marina Mandarin Hotels, Coffee Club, Bakerzin Holdings and more, JP Concept has won impressive awards in the F&B category. Amongst which is the much coveted 2012 Asia Pacific International Property Award under Best Retail Interior for their works on the luxurious Peach Blossoms Restaurant at Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore.

While most firms are taking an under-one-roof approach, JP Concept specializes only in design consultancy. Their unconventional business model might face challenges with the local market but it proves otherwise with their international clients who understand the advantages of such a technique. Having a focused design approach allows JP Concept the freedom of expression through their works. As Kelvin mentioned, “Too diversified, and we would lose our focus.”  

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Tasked with revamping the interiors of the restaurant, JP Concept was challenged to retain its iconic aesthetic flavour while imbuing fresh life into the 25-year-old interior. To do so, understanding where the spirit and identity of the restaurant lies was key. Taking us through the design process, Managing Director, Jerlyn Teo recounts, “A close examination of its interiors revealed that these are found in the hand-carved wooden panels (proud works of a Chinese Master Carpenter 25 years ago) as well as the wall hung paintings depicting Buddhist philosophy. Once we’ve identified that, these elements became an integral part of the design concept.”

Sensitively, every aspect of the design delves into the cultural nuances and teachings as wood works and paintings are reintegrated into the design scheme in a fresh and meaningful way. This is epitomized in the bank of wooden lattice doors. Framing the restaurant entrance, it governs the space where business and good fortune flows in. As such, auspicious imagery takes precedence in its conceptualization. Made of 500 pieces of Chinese “swastika” symbol, the doors are transformed into symbolic representation of limitless and eternal business for the restaurant.

Truly a master of its trade, it is clear that JP Concept stands where they are today not in spite of its focused continuity but because of it. Specializing only in design consultancy, they have done so with equal if not more success than their contemporaries.

Design Practice

  • JP Concept Pte Ltd

Key Personnel (from top)

  • Jerlyn Teo, Managing Director
  • Kelvin Teo, Project Director


  • Akashi Japanese Restaurant
  • Bakerzin Holdings Pte Ltd
  • Coffee club Pte Ltd
  • Food Junction
  • Forlino Ptd Ltd
  • Garibaldi Pte Ltd
  • Il Lido Pte Ltd
  • Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group
  • Makan Sutra
  • Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
  • Surburbia Wine Escape
  • The Manhattan Pizza Co.
  • Ya Kun International Pte Ltd

Awards / Accolades

  • Best Retail Interior, 2012 Asia Pacific International Property
  • Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2012
  • Singapore Brands Award 2011
  • Asia Pacific Excellence Brand
  • Successful Entrepreneur 2010
  • IDCS Design Excellence Award

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