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Homeowner fulfilment never allows Estee Aw to tire of her calling. Following a decade of experience in the interior design field upon her graduation from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2000, Estee Aw joined local stalwart firm Elements ID Consultants in 2011, where she now serves as Senior Interior Designer. 

Interestingly, it almost did not materialise, as Estee initially intended to pursue fashion design. However, her struggles with sewing lead her to follow a familial inspiration. With a close uncle plying his trade in interior design, Estee was awed at the possibilities of conceptualising handsome and functional homes, to the extent of eventually entering the industry herself.

Eminence and elegance

For a decade prior to her current stint, Estee jostled with slighter budgets through smaller-scaled residential projects. Joining Elements ID instituted her under the tutelage of talented and renowned designer, Victor Ng, Founder and Director of the company. The acclaimed leader oversaw her professional development, aiding her in new challenges and responsibilities.

Adjustments were mandatory; an example being Elements ID being commissioned to design condominium showflats. These differentials aided Estee greatly, as she learnt to cater to a wider audience base with diverse project scopes like these.

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A discerning breed of clientele awaited Estee at Elements ID. Familiar with the firm’s subscriptions to timeless concepts and creations, many clients know what they require and want in a home.

Acclimatising quick, Estee shared how she not only works on crafting the elegance her firm is known for, but also blends said aesthetic brilliance with cosy vibes and modern musings. Her ideal homes are classic, yet never old, while also being well-fitted and very livable- full of form-meets-function.

Killiney Road is home to a trendy showflat conceptualised by Estee. Adopting the idea of a one-stop access center to the rest of the home, the kitchen, living and dining rooms are mere steps apart. A wooden feature wall upswings aesthetic fervour, its sliding door that accesses the master bedroom accentuating accessibility and the open concept.

Another series of condominium showflats saw its organisers request a show-home that will cater to younger families. In response, the Elements ID team elected to utilise a modern industrial meets chic home. Proficient at creating elegant statements for interiors, this time round, the designers delivered their bombast style within a relatively differing thematic.

Strength is the name of the game, particularly for the accents within the home. Suitable for homeowners possessing strong personalities, an immediate ambience is felt upon entering the unit, courtesy of the dining area’s feature wall featuring numerous bold wordings and art strewn about, with its center allowing a peek into the kitchen behind.

Estee shared how even as a tenured individual in her field, she never tires of her duty. Each time satisfactory feedback is provided following arduous projects, she receives tangible fulfilment, fueling the flames of her design passions.

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