DesignHub International

Peter Wong began DesignHub International as an integrated consultancy and turnkey design firm, with a vision to provide world class services and management for commercial interior spaces. Setting the bar high for themselves, Peter and his band of designers utilise their flair for creativity to provide innovative solutions for their client’s office needs; they do not stop there, as they ensure that long-lasting partnerships are established.

Using a meticulous gradual improvement process is what enables the team at DeisgnHub International to accurately determine varying clients’ requirements and expectations. This, once again, ensures that a personal touch is embedded, which always leads to rewarding testimonials and high marks for client satisfaction.

Big picture

The DesignHub team refuses to look at projects from a regular view. While keeping in mind the values of Asian construction practice, Peter and his team take a step back and maintain a ‘Big Picture’ outlook, ensuring that all bases are touched in a project, from durability, cost effectiveness and the open door for future partnerships or growth.

Not only do DesignHub personnel think outside the box when working on projects, they also regularly update their technological applications, which leads to better programming of facility requirements. This coupled with their fullest personal dedication allow for maximum cooperation and communication between designer and client. Even if a client is new to consulting DesignHub, the team allocates just as much guidance as they would to a seasoned partner. It is all these aspects that they have an extended repeat clientele list; the satisfaction never ends.

Design Practice

  • DesignHub International

Key Personnel

  • Peter Wong, Design Director


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