Metaphor Studio

Space is of essence at Metaphor Studio. When designing a home, the team begins each creative process by understanding the project site, measuring its capability and intrinsic qualities to match its occupants’ lifestyle needs.

Studio iF

Specializing in interior and hospitality projects on a local and international scale, Studio IF is the interior design arm of the award winning design studio Formwerkz.

JIA Studios

Since 2007, JIA Studios has grown from strength to strength as the team has amassed an extensive portfolio of projects, from commercial to residential, from international to local.

Image Creative Design

One of the first laws of the land laid down in design school is the need to create lasting designs that fit the landscape for years on end.

Constann Design

2018 marks the 35th year anniversary of interior design specialists Constann Design. In an ever-changing industry, the history and longevity of the brand hold plenty of weight and much of their omnipresent success in the industry lies in the team’s decision to work with good people.

Design Point

First established in 2005 locally by its Principal Designer and Founder, Cindy Ang, Design Point Interiors Pte Ltd has since grown from strength to strength.

DesignHub International

Peter Wong began DesignHub International as an integrated consultancy and turnkey design firm, with a vision to provide world class services and management for commercial interior spaces.

Cube Associate Design

Established in 1998 by Sarah Tham, Design Director, Cube Associate Design is a design consultancy firm specializing in providing both creative and practical design solutions. Offering the entire range of interior consultancy services, the creative team has your hand every step of the way.

Chez Design

With 25 years of experience in the design industry, Chez Design is always keen to adapt to the changing marketplace by investing in new skills and ways of thinking, allowing their team to improve their offer to clients and ensure the future growth of the firm.

Altered Interior

Driven by sheer dedication, Altered Interior has grown from strength to strength. What began as a humble three-man start up in 1998 is now an impressive firm with an equally hefty portfolio.