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The Scandinavian aesthetic is much loved for its pale wood, clean lines, organic silhouettes and comfort. But today, brands hailing from the Nordic countries serve up a far more eclectic offering, four shining examples of which were on display at the Maison&Objet September trade fair.

Leading Nordic brands Broste Copenhagen, Ferm lIving, Kristina Dam and Vetrom warmly greeted clients and industry peers alike, clearly delighted to be back experiencing the trade fair’s buzz once more.

A new take on “Hyggae”

One of the things that makes Broste Copenhagen particularly unique is its highly identifiable colourway. First founded back in 1955, the brand announced a shift in direction two years ago. The cosy way in which the products are staged showcases that change to perfection, from the plates in the Nordic Vanilla collection to the Lagoon settee with its subtle and soothing hues.

The brand’s new take on the Danish philiosophy of life, “Hyggae” offers a vast range of furnishings and furniture in rustic style but with much sharper lines while retaining its focus on comfort.

Sculptural minimalism

Kristina Dam presented her own creations which is a celebration of quality materials and clean design, two traits so often associated with leading Scandinavian design houses. But what sets her creations apart from the rest is her approach on “sculptural minimalism”. This approach is dazzlingly demonstrated through the designer’s Collector range, which features a three-legged chair underpinned by a complex manufacturing process, a highly architectural table with an X-shaped leg, and a host of elegant details such as the oak creations assembled using walnut joints. 

A balance of curiosity and delicate expressions

Ferm Living takes pride in creating products that help one balance the contrasts of life. Soft forms, rich textures and deep colours create an authentic and composed atmosphere, while avant-garde shapes, striking patterns and curious details add a touch of the unexpected.

Made in solid FSC-certified European Walnut, the Feve Desk has an organic, delicate expression. As a reference to the distinctive shape, its name comes from the French word Fève, which means bean. The legs are carved into stretched elliptical sections that emphasise the desk’s elegant, feminine silhouette and balance the design. The Feve Desk requires little space and can be used both as a desk, an entrance console or a make-up table.

Office in a pod

Finland is another country said to typify Scandi style, associating it with a more artisanal approach and organic silhouettes. BlockO by Vetrom, hits the spot in office furnishings. The young firm behind the product, describes it as “a perfect circle in a world of squares”. This O-shaped co-working booth is almost exclusively fashioned from Finnish bend plywood, aged brass, solid birch, and white-clad sawn veneer. It is not simply its shape that makes it a game changer, but also the fact that it addresses a number of very current needs: the work surfaces are antimicrobial and future models will be fitted with an integrated air purifier.

They offer two models: Model O and Model C that can be chosen according to space needs. Model C is intended for only one person while the other model is perfect for a small meeting of up to four people.

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