Refrigerators for fresher food and anti-bacterial storage

For the freshest, crispest storage, SHARP premieres three new models, each equipped with fast freezing modes to keep foods fresh for longer without losing nutrients and flavour as well as eco modes to save on energy consumption.

One comes with an anti-bacteria technology while two others feature express cool and freezing function for fast freezing to keep food fresh and prevent bacterial growth. 

Sleek in form, the refrigerators complement design-savvy homes with contemporary or industrial-chic interiors.

Anti-bacteria technology and holiday mode

Model SJ-VX40PG-BK comes with the Plasmacluster Ion Technology™ that has been proven to eliminate 99% airborne bacteria and 97% airborne mould. This keeps the interior of the fridge fresh for healthier and cleaner storage of food.

Additionally, it has a Super Freeze Mode to freeze food quickly longer keeping while ensuring no loss of flavour or nutrients. It runs on a default Eco Mode made possible by its inverter compressor that automatically switches the appliance to energy-saving operation whenever possible. It also comes with a Holiday mode for frequent travelers – it sets everything to the most basic consumption, perfect for energy saving should you be leaving the home for extended durations of time.

Eco-friendly and energy-saving

The other two models SJ-SS52ES-SL and SJ-SS52EG-BK, come with two doors and present innovative refrigeration solutions with Multi Dyna Cooling that efficiently distributes cooling to every compartment. They also come with Express Freezing and Cooling functions for quick freezing of food for less loss of flavour and less bacterial growth. An Eco Function ensures optimum energy usage while tempered glass adjustable shelves on the inside makes for custom storage to maximize space. They all come fronted by a stylish LED touch screen for ease of user control.

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