Magis Costume chair – chic seat with a sustainable sensibility

Costume is a modular seating system which combines eco-chic sensibilities with smart technology.

Responsible, comfortable and practical, the sofa can easily be dismantled with individual parts that can be almost completely recycled.

Costume by Magis is available in 3 fabric categories each in a wide range of colours.


The biggest part of the sofa – the body – is made from a recycled plastic, obtained from industrial waste. It is fully recyclable. This hollow structure is manufactured in rotational moulding and replaces the wood or plywood frame commonly used.

This technology allows us to use a minimum amount of material. The sofa’s core body is 4 mm thin and weighs only 21 kg.


An insert made of pocket spring cores is placed in the body providing the cushioning for seat and backrest.  On top of this is a thin layer of polyurethane foam to ensure pleasant comfort. All parts are held together by a fabric cover that is fastened on using tension belts.


Costume offers a variety of combinations, while using four elements only: the actual seating module, a left and right armrest and an ottoman.

Every combination starts with the seating module and with special connectors it can be joined to further modules or completed with armrests. This creates a 2- or 3- seater or an endlessly wide sofa. In the same way the ottoman connects with the seating module to build a corner and further variants.

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