Kohler presents Stone Flow by Daniel Ashram

Kohler’s collaboration with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, marries creative innovation and expert craftsmanship. Kohler and Arsham have designed a one-of-a-kind limited-edition 3D-printed sink entitled Rock.01 that debuts at Design Miami 2021.

Bathroom sink which marries an organic form and 3D-printing

Like much of Arsham’s work, Rock.01 is an homage to time. Comprised of 3D-printed vitreous china and hand-poured brass, the sink’s vessel blends modern-day technology with Kohler’s nearly 148-year manufacturing legacy into what can only be described as functional high art. The effects of time are reflected in the patina of the brass “rock” and achieved through a forced coercion process.

Kohler’s revolutionary method of 3D-printing vitreous china is at the forefront of innovation in the industry, and the technology itself is what made it possible to produce Ashram’s design which was too complex to produce using traditional methods.

The sculptural sink presents a myriad of possibilities and raise the game in bathroom design for the modern space.

“Rock.01 melds the future of 3D-printing technology with the most basic methods of hand-cast brass. It is literally the new resting on top of the old, and I find that incredibly poetic. Kohler was the ideal partner to bring such a complex and futuristic design to life,” said Arsham.

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