Versace Home Collection 2020 – Glamourous, Sophisticated and Distinctive

The new Versace Home Collection 2020 embodies the brand’s Italian glamour and features exceptional furniture that combines luxury and interior design. The home collection imbued with the Versace allure of Medusa head, gold tones and geometric lines; is designed to fit the bedroom, living room, dining room, library and office.

Green Inspirations For Slow & Steady Vibes

Paint brand Dulux announced Tranquil Green as colour of the year 2020. The cool green inspired by the colours of the morning sky aims to encapsulate the human qualities, enriching our homes with the ‘human touch’ as an antidote to the constraints of modern society.

Waste Gets Second Life As Biomaterials For A Circular Economy

Palm leaves, corn husks and potatoes are some biomaterials making their way into the hearts of our homes. The London Design Fair focused attention to these bio-based materials which are made from by-products found in the agricultural industry and their positive contribution to both design and the environment.

Manolo Valdés – A Head Above The Rest

Internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor, Manolo Valdés is a pioneering and adventurous explorer of image, form and materials. Valdés creates paintings, monumental sculptures, etchings, and collages. His work is forceful and decorated with historical art symbols.