Pink Cat House – a pretty space for three lucky cats

A pink cat house by KC Design Studio is dedicated to a couple’s love for their three cats. Cat-friendly features include cat ladders, a carousel climbing frame and a fluffy swing, all of which are in pink.

With careers in graphic design and fashion, the cat-loving couple have cultivated a passion for bold and unusual design.

The 144 square meters and three-floors holiday home situated by the sea in Miaoli Taiwan, is “where the owners go to relax and have fun with their three cats,” shared the studio.

The house adopts an interior design axis that is cat-friendly and a dominantly pink scheme

The design team build everything in the house in pink. They used pink mineral-based paint as the primary colour base for the walls and ceiling. Almost all furniture are customised and in a shade of candy pink with highlights in light wood tones on the flooring and rose gold fixtures to form a modern contemporary aesthetic.

The first-floor where the living room and main entrance are situated is intended as a public area where the couple entertains guests and goes about their daily activities.

Using an open plan concept, spaces for living and dining are clearly defined by custom furniture. White terrazzo sprinkled with pink and grey flecks frames the kitchen from the ceiling and an island bar sporting a rose gold base defines the space for cooking.

“For the ceiling dome above the cooking area, the exaggerated style and pattern add whimsy to the space and conceal the required equipment and piping,” explains the studio.

The second floor is the cats playground fitted with feline-friendly steps, ladders and furry beds

A whole room on the second floor is dedicated to the cats, viewable from the master bedroom via a wide picture window.

The furniture are customised to incorporate the owners and their cats’ needs. For example, the cat ladders are designed to merge with the writing table, allowing space to work and enjoy the felines’ companions too.

Similar patterned terrazzo cladding used in the kitchen, forms a platform which serves as the bathroom floor and the half-wall separating the bathroom. Dimmable pink glass, which can be controlled for privacy, tops this platform.

On the rooftop, there is a multi-functional room decorated in a quiet design technique with sombre textures such as metal features, concrete surfaces and dark wood flooring to connect the outdoor and indoor spaces.

The leftover outdoor space is converted into a mini basketball court. Geometric patterns and colour blocks are used to define court zones and as reference to the house’s interior design.

Photography by Hey! Cheese


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