Modern Resort Theme Villa Boasts Luxurious Wooden Panels

In this modern resort theme villa in Mexico, the owner had felt compelled to redesign his childhood home to suit his growing family – a wife and three children. With a change in order, he consulted the design team of Arqmov Workshop.

A new lease of life

Initially, what the team had proposed was a swanky new project given the previous unsuccessful refurbishment work on the 950-square-meter property. However, the understandable wave of nostalgia around the current property persuaded the owner to rethink his directives and a decision was made to adapt the current property instead and make the necessary changes to stay true to the original.

Due to the spatial potential of the resort theme villa from its location opposite a golf course, the decision was made to strip the original structure bare. The estate required a slight demolishment job as well – the dividing floor of the residence was torn down to create a double height volume with large windows overlooking the garden and the swimming pool. With grave importance placed on light in the project, a void was opened to introduce a shaft of radiance onto the stairs.

The entrance to the resort theme villa kickstarts the design with wood being the hallmark of the home – guests will come face to face with a wood-on-stone feature wall before a wood-paneled ceiling. Guests expecting to be entertained will not be disappointed as they can put their feet up respectfully in the lounge area that features a fireplace. The experimentation of a newly raised ceiling multiplies the headspace and gives the living room a distinctive feel of airiness. From the double height ceiling, ring-shaped pendant lamps by Henge hang over the red-splotched carpet, embellishing soft light onto the room.

Expansive space made cosy with wood panels

In contrast to the expanse of space in the living area, the dining room is compact and cozy, allowing the family to share a homely meal and trade engrossing stories about their day. Due to the dining room’s close proximity to the living area, it secondarily functions as a recess to display art pieces for dinner parties. A designer sideboard with a Pietra Serena stone top transforms the dining hall into a galleria-like atmosphere while the walkways to the kitchen and toilet are concealed behind inconspicuous wooden panels.

Taking the floating staircase up to the second floor, guests can relax in a lounge framed by wooden panels on the walls and ceiling. The lounge which doubles up as a bar area impresses most with an intimate ambience evolved from a long-seating sofa and an oversized pouf. The glass balustrades following the staircase and boundary of the lounge allows guests to engage with each other privately without being completely cut off from the conversation happening on the ground floor.

A master bedroom fitted with walnut wood and natural stone.

In the private areas, individuality is what drives the discussion forward. During consultations, the respective lifestyle and needs of each member of the family were taken into consideration – each element down to the precise furnishing, light fittings and art selection was personalized according to each room and of its user, when possible.

The shared family room accessible from a concealed staircase from the entrance is a place for warmth and built for a cohesive family. Custom-made concertina-like wooden panels that frame the double-height room, create a dazzling array of textures and lines, especially when viewed from the entrance.

Over in the master bedroom, the sleeping space has been extended by another 150 square-meters to include a work desk, reading corner, coffee table and seating area in addition to the bedframe and extended headboard. At the center of the room, the majestic bedframe, which includes built-in side tables and mini storage corners, is a unique customization based on the owner’s request for inclusive furniture. A short flight of stairs on each side of the bed leads towards the working areas and acts as a division between work and rest. Colour in the room is something worthy of mention – the neutral palette formed by the use of walnut joinery, natural stone and upholstery in neutral shades is perfect for the creation of an elegant and contemporary bedroom without losing its charm or making sacrifices on comfort.

Adventure theme bedrooms for the children

As the homeowner had the means and space, the redistribution allowed two symmetrical bathrooms to be positioned opposite each other with a steam shower and two identical dressing tables. Despite the expenses involved, the bathroom and dressing room bode of flair and a lavish style from the large areas of Italian arabescato marble along the walls and floors, making the morning routine less of a drag.

The three bedrooms, one for each child, have been fitted to the taste and preferred colours of each child. The room belonging to the eldest of the three features a simple design that bodes well with his teenage lifestyle. Outside, a hammock chair allows him to hang out and read a book in style on the balcony. The daughter’s bedroom takes a different turn to show off a softer and daintier side – in place of a bookcase, custom shelving in the shape of a flower, houses books and little decorative items. When it comes to buying furniture for children, choose commodes that would turn their space into a funhouse – an L-shaped sofa decorated in bubbly colours and charming patterns has been specifically chosen for precious tea parties and slumber soirees with friends.

Similarly, the last bedroom for the youngest child in the house is designed specially for the little Christopher Robin. The adventurous junior was gifted a wooden loft bed to fulfill those wild fantasies of boisterous fun and adventure. The bed in the top-tier is reserved for sleep and slumber while the bottom tier provides a hideout where reading or the building of toys can happen.

Having spent more than 30 years in his home, the homeowner was delighted to find his home taking on a new lease of life with a bit of risk-taking while respecting the heritage of the grounds. When the family first toured their newly-decorated home, they were astounded by Arqmov Workshop’s take on their residence, unveiling a resort theme villa with a classic and timeless design that would serve them for another 30 years to come.

Photography by Rafael Gamo


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