Inside An Art Filled Home in Bukit Timah

Perched on one of the rolling hills of Bukit Timah, this three-storey, art-filled home is tailored to the demands of entertaining, art collecting and raising a precocious toddler. The house’s interior tone and artistic aspirations are evident on entry. Thanks to the attentiveness and design directions from Elements ID Consultants founder Victor Ng.

There is something about the soothing sound of moving water, soft warm lightings and your feet touching cool limestone – the sensory combination instantly transport you to a dream resort getaway. The owners, both lawyers by profession, wanted a massive internal overhaul to define their new home and satisfy their contemporary design tastes but still retain the traditional architecture of the house.

Bold colours make for stunning statement walls to showcase paintings

The art-filled home features a flair for blends and contrast made prominent in the open plan first floor. The living room furnishings have taut modernist lines – slim upholstered sofa surround a clear glass coffee table, warm dark timber wall backdrop fronting the television unit – but the look is tempered by a warm palette of charcoal, tobacco and a brassy shot of sunny yellow at the stairwell. Meanwhile the formal dining area is simply furnished with a gracious eight-seater glass dining table flanked to match a spectacular ceiling height with the void area encased within framed glass panels.

Perhaps the tour de force of the art-filled home is the landscaping surrounding its perimeters. From the front of the house, a manicured lawn is peppered with luscious palms and foliage. While many might have used this as a garage, the design team had the area clad with limestone flooring and rustic roofing so that it exists as an extension to the adjacent kitchen and also serves as an informal outdoor dining space.

In fact, throughout the side of the art-filled home, similar roofing structure merges the indoors and the outdoors seamlessly. Since the owners find the sound of moving water so relaxing, water features are built in and around the house from the point of entry at the front door to the living area and the rooftop patio. To maximize the dead spaces at the side of the house, vertical gardens are installed, which certainly contributes to the tropical resort feel and maintain a discreet level of privacy from the neighbours.

Warm timber, cool limestone floor and water features to highlight a resort theme interiors.

Upstairs on the second level in this art-filled home is where the bedrooms are and the private areas for the family. The room on the third floor is converted into an office and library.

While the team was given free-hand with remodeling the house’s interiors, the owners got to enjoy the thrilling ride of buying art pieces to decorate and add personal touches to the proposed design. The cheery yellow wall facing the stairwell, of which the owners insist upon proves to be a design do and enhances the resort theme further. As the owners proclaim, “We’re optimistic and happy people and a totally white house is just not us.”

When asked if all their needs in this new home are met, their prompt reply is, “The only thing that Elements ID couldn’t give us is a sea view.”

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