Dog-friendly House Serves As A Staycation By The Sea

In the small town Sowon-myeon Padori which translates to “wish” and “wave” in Korean, a couple envisioned their house and a small guesthouse for dog lovers. This dog-friendly house – Mungzip guesthouse, has always been the client’s dream, who often had trouble with finding good stay for her and her dogs while traveling.  She wanted to call it.

The beautiful location, their bravery in breaking social conventions, and the unique opportunity to create a “special guesthouse for dog lovers” fascinated the architects at YOAP. The project started soon after but not without addressing the site’s main drawback which was situated on a slope.

Firstly, the architects needed to flatten the land before defining spaces for the guesthouse, private residence, and the playground over 190 square meters of floor area. Since the budget is fixed, the guesthouse and main residence were suggested to be a single entity. The guesthouse took the ground floor along the dog-friendly play area, and the private home was to be stacked above.

Smart space planning to ensure guests, hosts and dogs live comfortably under one roof

Keeping the privacy between the dog-friendly house and the private residence is another essential. Since the couple is sharing the residence with an elderly family member, private and common spaces within the residence needed to be carefully considered for the family unit.

For example, the stair connecting each floor is intentionally situated outdoors to separate the entrance to the building, and leads to the main gate of the private house from behind.  Backyard takes the role of front garden and emphasizes the view from the courtyard beyond the gate.

Dog-friendly designs are added to keep the canines safe and happy

Dog-friendly measures were added to ensure guests both human and four-legged have a comfortable stay. For safety, the fence at the edge of the playground has an extended height to prevent dogs from climbing over. The enclosed area outdoors which is accessible from every room, kitchen and common spaces, allows the dogs to venture out from their rooms in a safe zone.

The flooring in each room are stain-resistant and easily cleaned while full height glazing throughout gives eye-level view of the dogs inside at all times. Floor heating and air conditioning are regulated in view that dogs prefer cool temperature.

Photography by Shin Do Keun


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