Colonial Style House Infused With Cosines of an English Cottage

On first appearance, the Colonial style house along Oei Tiong Ham Road might not seem particularly modern, but look closer and you will spot contemporary touches throughout, from the statement walls housing wide screen TVs to the faux fireplace in the den.

The owners’ brief to the team at CAD Associates was to manifest the house into an English cottage albeit infused with the modern luxuries of a 6 star hotel. Wood is prevalent in the desired theme where its functional and decorative features make cosy appearances throughout the house.

Positively colonial

The living room is where you see the mix of inspiration at its best. It is a showcase for how to introduce different pieces from different eras and have them work harmoniously. Here, French windows and wall moldings go hand-in-hand with mid-century seaters.

Furnishings play a secondary role in delivering the desired aesthetics. The den gravitates towards a contemporised eclectic version of British interiors with crisp white wallpaper embedded with a green leaf detailing. The same design is replicated in the formal dining room. Checkerboard black and white tiles make a bold statement matching sophistication with the tenets of classic design. Above, an air well embellishes the room in a blanket of diffused sunlight.

Entertaining in this Colonial style house is a common affair in the household. Hence another casual dining room option which gravitates towards a rustic and homely look uplifted by robust wood works. For a start, a pair of stately cupboards display tea sets and dinnerware. On the opposite end of the dining hall, a sleek wall mounted aquarium serves as lively dinner conversation.

Colonial style contemporised with sleek finishes

Unbeknownst to most, the design team had to make special adjustments to negotiate a hidden piping and filtration system for the fishes to coexist with their guardians from within the dining room. The design narrative continues in the private areas. The children’s bedrooms, are personalised with design direction led by their interests. In the son’s bedroom, an azure blue colour scheme dictates the boy’s space with plush carpeting reflecting the reflecting the night sky.

The girl’s room was decorated to reflect a fairytale-like depiction of a forest with a softer colour theme of moss green beneath a dreamy cloud-filled sky. Since the room is blessed with generous height, an attic space with a pitched ceiling makes a novel addition and accessible via a ladder. Inside a fun and cosy respite awaits the children decorated in mostly whites with room for a television, reading and resting.

For the adults, a handsome home theatre furnished in a darker colour theme marks the spot for serious lounging and movie nights. At the end of the transformation journey, the owners loved how the exterior of the property reminded one of a traditional cosy cottage, while inside it is surprisingly open and bright.


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