A Cat-Friendly Home That Is Nature-Inspired

Naturally a cat-friendly home is a must in the overhaul of this 4-room HDB flat owned by a pet-fashion designer and her seven resident felines.

“To you he is just a pet. To him, you are his everything” – an anonymous quote which resonates true in this flat tucked in Marine Crescent. For Sia Aiwei, her cats mean everything to her, having the furry animals always present all her life.

When Aiwei embarked on a massive overhaul of the four-roomer, and childhood home, the felines needs were integral in the design brief. “I wanted a home which incorporates a cat’s natural habitat seamlessly,” explains the founder and chief designer of PawGlam!, a pet fashion line.

Upward mobility is the key to a cat-friendly home

Roping in design services from White Design, Aiwei proceeded to convert the flat into an airy studio fit for entertaining friends and conducting business meetings while catering to her seven cats, all of which are adopted strays over the years.

Initially the design team had proposed an overhead cat’s walkway with a staircase leading down to meet the needs of a cat-friendly home. While the design process was constructive and enjoyable, Aiwei admitted that she was not impressed with the idea sensing a lacking component.

While on a foray in a furniture store specialising in wood, she chanced upon a discarded Coffee tree. As it turned out, the tree was the missing link to what now is a stunning cat-friendly sculpture in the living room.

A customised cat-tree and overhead walkways as design feature

To fit the overall colour theme of white, all wood details from storage to flooring were coordinated in a lighter shade. Naturally, the tree fixture was bleached, branches trimmed and crafted with steps as resting nooks for the cats.

A cat door leads into the master bedroom above the closet giving the animals access in and out from the living room via the overhead walkway. It is not surprising that this feature is a favourite with the cats as while resting above, the felines are able to enjoy the leafy and idyllic scenery outside overlooking a playground.

A sliding glass door separates the kitchen from the living area and aids in letting in natural light through. Customised litter boxes are fitted at the back of the kitchen and laundry area with nearby access to the toilet and refuse chute.

Throughout the cat-friendly home, no wall is spared. Each is testimony to Aiwei’s love for her pets documenting each cat’s journey and experience amidst feline-centered art, all of which have inspired her life deeply. The renovation costed over a $100 000 inclusive of furniture but home is now a happy place for Aiwei and her hubby accompanied by her faithful brood of furry companions.

Photography by James Liang


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