A cat-friendly flat and home to a parrot and humans too

Creating a cat-friendly apartment can be a challenging affair. Add an elderly family member to the equation and the exercise immediately warrants professional advice.

For Ken and Teri, their parrot and cat are like family members, who have their own personality and need for private space. The young couple also lives with an elderly parent and are eager for a new living space which could give the two generation household and pets a partly private and communal space.

Sim-Plex an interior design firm based in Hong Kong, created a flexible pet-friendly layout to accommodate the varying needs of the lively household.

Cat-friendly features include an elevated platforms adds dimension to a small space as well as defines its function

The new cat-friendly layout features an open and elevated platform which separates the flat into two sections. The side nearer to the windows hosts the master bedroom while the other hosts the mother’s bedroom with access to the dining room.

Since the parrot’s cage needs sunlight, the West-facing platform makes a conducive spot. For the parrot’s safety against the prying cat, the platform can be concealed behind sliding corrugated glass doors.

At only 453 square feet, the flat is a tight squeeze to house three people and two animals. All furniture needs to be customised, multi-functional and cat-friendly to maximise on floorspace. For example, Sim-Plex designed a dining table to be integrated into an adjacent cabinet. When not in use, the table can be folded away to make room. Home for the cat is a box next to the flat’s entrance, which doubles up as a bench.

Ample storage and customised furniture helps keep small spaces organised

Storage is also an essential for the family. The cabinets in light oak and maple are flushed against the walls. Playful cat-friendly features such as open shelves and holes are added for kitty to safely move around the flat. Cabinets surfaces are handle-free to conjure a streamlined and neat aesthetic.

As the flat is modest in space, design features such as the corrugated glass windows on the kitchen door alleviate light distribution throughout, making its interiors appear light and airy.

Whimsical elements such as the “roof” shaped doorway and door enhances the pet playground and cat-friendly aesthetics.  For a safe environment for pet and humans, all wooden furniture are made of eco-friendly melamine boards that are scratch-proof, and reduces the amount of harmful formaldehyde.

Light-filled and vibrant, this cosy space is easily a fitting respite for style-savvy urbanites young and old and their furry friends too.


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