A Home with a Modern Resort Concept

Interior design is all about translating the needs of a homeowner into a functional part of the home and at times those expectations do not match up when placed in the hands of an inexperienced design team. After collecting the keys to their two-storied inter-terrace, the homeowners justifiably confided in the design team of CAD Associates to manage their design needs for a resort feel within their new landed home.

Mesmerized by the existing layout of the resale house, the design team was advised to retain the layout and work around the existing design plan to construct with an eco-friendly mindset and to minimize building and construction costs.

Life in balance

From the entrance, the resort theme comes to view with the retaining of the garden and water feature within the car porch from the previous owner. To turn around the look of gloom, the design team enhanced the atmosphere by redoing the area with a timber-finished flooring and the addition of a patio just before the main door. Sharing the space with the water feature and a zen pebble garden, the design team added a lounge area where friends can gather round the rattan furniture to appreciate the calming notes from the bright pops of green in the garden.

Through the main door, the design lends itself to calming notes of wood and soft lighting to support the cozy and warm theme. Due to the owners moving most of the furniture over from their previous home, the design team worked to include these mainstays into the design plan without veering too far off the path of simplicity, advising on the placement and selection of chattels brought over. Loose furniture like rugs and lamps were added to tie into the soothing atmosphere of respite alongside mini pots of plants.

Space-saving measures for more storage options

As with the decision to bring over furniture from their previous abode, storage-related issues arose for the design team to exact their control. And control they did, with the strategic organization and building of cabinets in the home. On the staircase landing area on the second level, a full height cabinet was constructed to house a television and study area behind the dual-toned cabinet front. Similarly, the bedroom for the children were specifically designed to include more storage options as they run through the various phases of their teenage years into maturity. In one bedroom, a cabinet was custom-built along the face of the wall to be used as a study table. A cubbyhole was built into the row of cabinets to house a wooden chair for everything to neatly fit when the chair is not in use. On the opposite wall, four rows of floor-to-ceiling wardrobe cabinets offer enough compartment space to house personal possessions for a lifetime.

The simple solution to house their possessions is replicated in the bathroom by building mirrored cabinets with easy-sliding doors and bathroom vanities built with storage space at the bottom. Clean towels and grooming products can be kept out of side away from the wandering eye.

To satisfy the hostess of the home, the design team sought out an open concept plan for the kitchen to extend its reach into the dining areas. Unguarded by boundaries, the kitchen is instantly made to look more airy and spacious. Disregarding the golden work triangle rule in the kitchen, the design team positioned the refrigerator next to the other electrical appliances to manage the transferring of ingredients efficiently. On the opposite end, a worktop was erected for the other kitchen helpers of the home to lend a hand without crossing paths and minimizing kitchen-related accidents. When the food is garnished and ready to be served, the aroma wafting in from the kitchen will tantalize guests sat in the dining room as they cling glasses to joie de vivre.


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