The New Office Where It's All Work And All Play

The Great Room at The Raffles Hotel Singapore provides a beautifully-designed response to meet the growing demand for flexible and upscale working space.

Designed by Hassell Studio, the new office concept, The Great Room occupies 15,000 square feet of space located within Raffles Arcade and draws on the rich narratives and stories of this ‘grande dame’ of Singapore, focusing on its 20th century history and the vibrant group of characters who called Raffles home throughout the decades.

A seamless set of work experiences have been created – a studio, work hall, outdoor terrace, studies, ateliers, private phone booths, and bar and pantry, to satisfy many different working styles and needs throughout the day. Robust yet refined, the various spaces benefit from the colonial architecture – expansive windows and high ceilings combine with a natural colour palette to flood the rooms with beautiful tropical light, and bold accents add energy to the spaces.

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