Master Bathroom Ideas | 11 stunning ideas for dreamy bathrooms

The bathroom is a place to totally disconnect, relax and indulge. These modern bathroom ideas showcase some seriously gorgeous designs for your master bathroom. From contemporary walk-in shower room ideas to chic bathroom lighting and luxurious freestanding baths, these havens all have one thing in common: a perfect combination of style and function. With luxurious materials, bespoke detailing, striking lighting and a generous dose of brass and marble, let these statement bathrooms lead your redesign.

Kitchen Islands – 8 stunning ideas for spaces big & small

Dreaming of a kitchen island? Don’t let the size of your kitchen faze you. Dreamy and functional, kitchen islands are the real stars and focal points of the home. From cooking prep to casual dining to storage, these workhorses do it all. Whether you dream of creating a spot for homework, gourmet meals, or morning coffee, a practical and beautiful island will be the most used area in the house.

10 best living room ideas for statement design

The living room is the first space one sees upon entering a residence. It is also a glimpse into the personality of its occupants. From a nature-inspired apartment to an all-white house, these beautiful living room ideas will make you want to create a statement design and refresh your space.

Van Gogh’s Artistic Impressions

This year marks the 130-year anniversary since renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh created some of his most famous works. In celebration of his paintings, BN Walls have released an exclusive range of wallpaper murals to allow people to experience the classic paintings in their home on a grander scale. Van Gogh’s lighter, brighter and looser painting style that led him to become famous for its bright colour contrasts and expressionist style of painting.

How a Biophilic Design Strategy Equips a House for General Wellbeing

As the world population continues to urbanize, humans seek to improve on our well-being and expedite healing. Interior design begins with human experience. Given how quickly an experience of nature can elicit a restorative response, design that reconnects us with nature – biophilic design – is a conscious effort to link the built environment to the natural world, through various sensory experiences including sight, sound, touch, and smell.

Bedroom Ideas for Better Sleep

A bedroom does not have to be the size of a cinema to express great design. Our interior design experts at Elements ID Consultants prove that size is not comparable to supreme style. In fact small bedrooms may be a blessing for a better night’s sleep.

Wall Decoration Simplified

Move over, paints. When it comes to making a big and bold flat-surface treatment, wallcoverings are the quickest and most transformative way to initiate a major change. What’s more, wallcoverings are key in achieving that boutique hotel ambience at home – they instantly make a room feel cosier and luxurious in a way that paint just doesn't.

Shower Ideas – Wash in luxury

Imagine a relaxing shower after a long day. Set your lights for a winding down experience and singalong to your favorite playlist or catch up on the evening news - all controlled by your Kohler DTV+. Now, a global brand in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom elements, the Kohler DTV+ (digital thermostatic valve) elevate the shower routine from blah to wow.

Das Haus – The house re-imagined

Imagine living in a house with only a roof and no outwards walls to fully embrace the outside in. International trade fair organizer for interiors imm cologne played host to a highly architectural creation, opening 2020 with a luscious start.